How To Apply for A Direct Cremation Service

Posted on May 23, 2022 by Buckeye Cremation under Direct Cremation
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direct cremation in Gahanna, OH

One thing that comes with the pain of losing a loved one is the obligation to plan for their disposal. This obligation often compounds the pain because there are so many uncertainties, especially if it’s an unexpected death. If you decide to go for the direct cremation option, one of these uncertainties you have to deal with is how to apply for a direct cremation service. If you reside in Columbus, Ohio, then the application process of a cremation in Columbus, OH is probably one of your top considerations.

Is a good idea to have a direct cremation, because Direct Cremation is an interesting alternative to the traditional funeral practice of burning remains. In this post, you will learn how to seamlessly apply for a direct cremation service.

What To Do When Applying for A Direct Cremation Service

The following steps will guide you in applying for a direct cremation service in Columbus, OH.

Decide On Which Service Provider to Use: The first step to applying for a direct cremation service is to select a good service provider. This will go a long way to determining how seamless your direct cremation service will go. The important thing to look out for is the reputation of the service provider and the experience of its staff. One way to check this is to select a few funeral service providers and read about their reviews on their websites or other independent review sites. Then ask friends and family that may have used such services in the past for first-hand reviews.

Register the Death: In many areas in the US, there are regulations requiring you to register a death. This is often a prerequisite to moving forward with other direct cremation arrangements. Upon registration, you will be issued a death certificate that will state the name and cause of death of the departed loved one.

Arrange for the Paperwork: In most cases, before you carry out a direct cremation, you will need a doctor’s involvement. Usually, the doctor will certify that it is safe to proceed with the cremation. This is important so that you will not fall short of the State’s regulations governing the cremation of your loved ones.

Ensure There is Provision for Transportation: You will need to transport the body to where it would be cremated. You can handle this or assign it to the funeral service provider you decide to work with. Often, it is best to have the service providers handle it. This is why you should include the transportation of the human remains in the service contract when hiring the service provider.

Check the Direct Cremation Fees: One thing you should know is that direct cremation is affordable, so you don’t really have to worry about high costs. However, it is still best to check the direct cremation fees. Each funeral home has different fees, and you want to be sure of what you are getting into before you begin the process.

Make a Concrete Conclusion About the Return of the Ashes: What’s a direct cremation without you getting the ashes of your loved one? Hence, this is one of the things you want to agree on with the funeral home. Since you don’t need to be present when the direct cremation is done, you want to ensure there are plans on getting your ashes. You can also consider scattering the ashes at a favorite place or keeping it with you.

direct cremation in Gahanna, OH


Losing a loved one is a sad occurrence, but the truth is you have to braze up and move on eventually. While this is already a difficult thing to do, you don’t have to allow uncertainties about the application process of a direct cremation in Columbus, OH, to bog you down. If you follow the guides above, you will discover that the process can be seamless.

For more than 160 years, Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger has provided professional cremation options for families in different communities in Ohio. It is our obligation to help you in arranging and decision-making to make your life easier. We offer direct cremation services in Dublin, Columbus, and Grove City, OH.