COVID-19 And The Funeral Industry

Posted on April 25, 2022 by Buckeye Cremation under Direct Cremation
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direct cremation in Worthington, OH

Covid-19 took the world by storm. The pandemic influenced life as we know it in several ways. Everyone knows someone or something affected by COVID, and our funeral homes were no exception. Most funeral homes have consistently stayed open to provide funeral services, such as burial, cremation, and direct cremation in Worthington, OH. Nevertheless, many adjustments were made. The industry has had to make several changes to comply with government guidelines while keeping our communities safe.

Proper COVID procedures were put into place immediately. Deathcare industry workers have done their part to slow the spread of COVID by practicing safe handling of deceased COVID-positive individuals. Strict guidelines involving the handling of remains, wearing proper protective equipment, and handwashing measures were put into effect. Staff members have since maintained these measures especially when coming into contact with health care providers and families. Our workers know the importance of handwashing and maintaining cleanliness amongst our facilities.

Funeral homes have adhered to social distancing guidelines amidst the pandemic. Social distancing orders forced funeral homes to limit the number of funeral attendees, which was very hard for families and individuals in the community. Death industry workers were made to lovingly explain to families that funeral attendees had to be kept to a minimum as a measure to ensure safety.

Despite the wedge placed between families and industry workers due to social distancing, funeral home workers still focused on communication. Funeral home directors, embalmers, and assistants looked to phone calls and zoom meetings to safely discuss matters related to funeral arrangements. Also, industry workers prioritized grief counseling more so throughout the pandemic than ever before. We soon began to recognize that losing a loved one in a pandemic took a more drastic toll on mental health, especially whenever most family members were not able to be with their loved ones prior to their death. Our workers sought to foster a healing environment despite the circumstances. Meeting the needs of the family was, and will always be a top goal.

As funeral homes continued to strive to keep communities safe, they began to see a financial loss. Many individuals and families began to opt for cremation services, and direct cremation is significantly cheaper than the average funeral. Also, funeral homes had to make sure they were wearing proper PPE and providing masks for employees, which soon ate into the wallet of an already depleted industry.

direct cremation in Worthington, OH

Although funeral homes have changed in a pandemic society, they still have the same goals as before. The purpose of the funeral home is to provide families with the best available services to lay their loved ones to rest. Maintaining dignity and respect while having pure intentions is of utmost priority. Staff members are dedicated to being present and helping families and individuals grieve. Additionally, funeral homes are more dedicated than before to ensure safety. Funeral services such as burial, cremation, and direct cremation are still being held today. Covid-19 procedures will remain in effect to prioritize health in our families and our staff.

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