Overview of Direct Cremation Services in Grove City, OH

Direct Cremation Grove City, OH

Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger is an experienced direct cremation service provider in Grove City, OH. The families of Grove City have trusted us to help them navigate through the personalized cremation arrangements of their loved one. For more than 160 years, our experts helped families to make their life easier in the most difficult times. Call us today for your direct cremation needs at (614) 429-5699 or visit us at 655 Metro Pl S Ste 600, Dublin, OH 43017.

If you are considering direct cremation in Grove City, OH, then it is important to gather information before locking in the desired services. A direct cremation is a great solution to save money and honor the memory of your loved one at the same time. But the quality of services will vary depending on the provider that is selected for these services.

At Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger, we promise top-notch quality for every family. Our team focuses on direct cremation without funeral services, giving you a simple way to coordinate end of life services.

Simplifying the Funeral Planning Process

Our goal is to help families who want cremation without “everything else.” When planning a traditional funeral, it can be stressful to deal with everything from casket selection to event coordination. Not only do you need to work through the details of a big event, but you are also carrying the financial responsibility that comes with funeral planning.

We believe that every family should have access to affordable funeral services. So, we provide a simple solution that puts the control back in your hands. You’ll see that we’ve streamlined every aspect of cremation planning, helping to reduce your stress during this challenging time in life.

We have a website where you can review available services and select the details at your convenience. All paperwork can be submitted electronically if you want to finalize the details without leaving the comfort of your home.

Additionally, our staff at Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger is here to answer your questions without making you feel pressured about available services. We are happy to discuss cremation packages by phone, email, or in-person, according to your desires. Do you prefer to talk to someone face-to-face? Then we can meet in our office, which is more comfortable than a funeral home.

Your Options for Direct Cremation in Grove City, OH

We understand that the world is changing, which is why we are catering our cremation services to match the needs of the community. Our promise is to provide excellent services from a team that you can trust. We offer the highest levels of respect and dignity, giving you a comfortable, supportive way to plan services for your loved one.

While you are working with our team, you will see that we are here to provide the necessary support every step of the way. We offer genuine concern and a dedicated focus on providing the best customer service in the industry.

Many decisions need to be made when saying goodbye to someone that you love. We are here to guide you through the full process, giving you a simple way to design the right services based on the needs of your family. 

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

Compare the cost of funeral packages with direct cremation, and you will find that cremation services are the least expensive option for disposition. This solution allows you to avoid some of the most expensive parts of planning a funeral. There is no reason to feel the financial stress when you are saying goodbye to someone that you love.

Why is cremation cheaper than a traditional funeral? You don’t need to pay for embalming, a casket, a headstone, an event venue, or staffing from a funeral home. Cutting out the overhead costs will reduce your expenses by thousands of dollars.

It can be stressful to pay for expensive funeral services. If you are looking for affordable solutions, then our team is here to assist. You are in control of choosing the specific services that meet your needs, giving you the flexibility of designing a plan that matches your budget.

Planning Cremation Services

At Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger, we offer on-demand support for direct cremation planning in Grove City, OH. Sometimes, cremation services need to be scheduled immediately if death was unexpected. The most important thing you can do is call us as soon as you know that cremation services will be needed. We offer the support you require as you are finalizing the details of this service.

At the same time, our team is also here to assist if you are interested in preplanning services. Preparing for a future event is a great way to save money and reduce the stress on your family. You can plan a cremation at any time to give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that all details are arranged when it is time for cremation.

A Trusted, Local Provider

You can rest assured to know that your family is in good hands when you choose our team for direct cremation in Grove City, OH. If you need additional information, visit Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger. Our local office is at 655 Metro Pl S Ste 600, Dublin, OH 43017. Call at your convenience to discuss available services with a cremation expert: (614) 429-5699

Direct Cremation FAQs

1. Why touring a cremation facility is important?

      After you’ve compiled a shortlist of crematory facilities, you make appointments for facility tours. Here are some reasons why it's an important step:

  • Watch for the Professionalism
  • Check Out the Operations
  • Learn About Your Options

      Click here for more details on why you should tour a crematory facility.

2. What are the benefits of direct cremation?

      Once you learned about some of the main benefits of cremation, you’ll know you made the right choice for your loved one. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why a 

      direct cremation is the right body disposition option.

  • Cost-effective
  • Flexibility

      For more information about the benefits of direct cremation, click here.

3. How much does a cremation plan cost?

      Here at Buckeye Cremation, our cremation plan starts at $995.00. This plan includes:

  • Simple Cremation
  • Transportation of the deceased
  • Body Preparation and care
  • $50 - Urn Credit
  • $50 - Cremation Container Credit
  • Obituary composition and online posting
  • 1 copy of death certificate
  • All necessary local permits

      For more cremation plans and packages, click here.